Sunday School is from 9:45-10:45am. Our teachers are excited to meet your children, but we know that you are entrusting someone with the most precious thing in your life, so here's a bit about the amazing people who your children will be with. 

Ages 5 and under:

We're just a group of young adults who love watching Hercules and being around your kids as they learn about God's love for them as they grow.

Brianna Dyer: Hi! I'm the girl with a bucket on her head. I am a student at BSU and Ustick's Children's Director. I've been teaching Sunday School for 8 years and truly love it!

Danielle Dyer: Nice to meet you, I'm the selfie-queen in the front. I'm a student at TVCC, Brianna's little sister, and one of the 3 teachers for this class. I love music and will be a marine biologist someday!

Tyler Bass: I'm 19, I work at Dairy Queen, and I do the crafts for the class. That's all folks!




First and Second Grade:
My name is Ernie Esparza and my wife's name is Sharon Esparza. We have been married for thirty three years. We were both born and raised in Southern California. Sharon received the Lord into her heart when she was 9 years old and I received the Lord into my heart when I was seventeen. We have both served in many different ministries. We served in children's ministry for five years and we were youth leaders for ten years. We now have the privilege of teaching the first and second graders about Jesus and His love for them here at Ustick Road.


Third and Fourth Graders:

Ed Christopher is currently teaching our third and fourth graders for over 4 years. He has a heart for God and His children.


Fifth and Sixth Graders:

Bill and Tammy Bass are working with the fifth and sixth graders currently.